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Does my Shamrock plant need a rest? Repot? Something else?

10 years ago

I've had this Shamrock plant for 3 years. 2 years ago I potted up and split a small section of bulbs off and put them in another pot, but haven't repotted since. In this entire 3 years, it's been big and bushy and beautiful pretty much always. However, for the last several months it's been in a steady decline, and I'm not sure why. I *have* read that Shamrocks need downtime, and admittedly, I've never given it that. I'm also reading that the yellow leaves might be from overwatering, though I thought I hadn't changed anything in the last 3 years. Would now be a good time to let my plant go dormant? Would it also be a good time to repot and split a bit off? Or should that be done while it's active? Also, only half of the pot is even growing now. Should I assume the other half of the bulbs have died, or should I assume they're dormant? I'll post a closer up picture in the next reply or two.

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