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2012 Commercial seed swap


Since these will be commercial seeds, you will probably get 1/2 trades but it will allow you to try some of the newer varieties of seeds. Please don't send in anything older than 2009.

PLEASE DO NOT send the .10,.25 or .59 cent packs from the dollar general type stores. If these types are sent they will not count towards your total number sent! They will be returned to you. We must be fair!

Flowers and veggies are fine, last year we did both and it worked out. I'm not sure that this would be the swap for a member who grows only veggies though as we get way more flower seeds.

( There is no minimum on the number of packs you can send)

Here are the rules...

1. Must be commercial seeds

2. your packages must be labeled with year and where purchased if not in original packaging.

3. No more than 5 packs of the same type of seed (please don't make 5 packets of the same seed with 5 seeds in each package, we need to be fair)

4. Must be mailed by March 1st. I will send my addy as people sign up, you can mail whenever you are ready to do so.

5. seeds will be returned within one week from the last package that I receive.

6. Please have a current wants list for me to check when sorting. (last year I sent garden seeds if they were on someones wants list BUT did not count them towards my contribution to the swap!)

7. sign ups are until the mail date...The more the merrier!

8. Have fun, life is short!

When mailing seeds, please be sure to put the same amount of postage that it cost you to mail PLUS.80 for delivery conf.# (two years ago a package was lost and had no conf #). I replaced it with my own stash that time. If you prefer to not pay for a conf#,that if okay too but I won't be replacing seeds this year....I am cleaning out the seed boxes for the swap!

I mail from the post office so stamps or cash is fine, change will be returned with your seeds!

I have started to update my haves list for the swap, it will take a while but I will get there.

Have a great day!


Sign up in the round robin section of the garde web!

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