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Have: Desert Rose (adenium obesum) fresh seeds

12 years ago

I have about 100 adenium obesum seeds, from three seedpods on a single mother plant. The pods opened on 11/24/2011 and 11/30/2011.

The mother plant is a common pink adenium. The plant that I suspect as the father (adenium do not self-fertilize) is my other pink, with larger, darker flowers.

These plants are native to Africa/Arabia and naturally produce unusual bonsai forms and bright flowers. I already have seedlings all over the place (desert rose addiction!!), so would like to give these seeds away to someone who can appreciate them more. :-)

Adenium seeds are only viable while fresh, so these must be germinated in the next few months. In cloudier areas, they will probably require grow-light support until late spring, at which point they can be gradually moved outdoors into high sun.

Will take anything in trade, even just 1-2 seeds. I just don't want to see my plants' first babies go to waste.



Here is a link that might be useful: Parent plants for these seeds

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