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Aloe Vera Plant: Seeds vs. Pups

14 years ago

Hello, All! I am doing an independent study project for my Biology of Plants course on Aloe Vera Plants. I would really like to grow a plant from a seed, but unfortunately, I don't know much about growing them from a seed (how to or how long it takes) and my class is only a semester long. So, I kind of have alot of questions. How long does it take to grow an aloe plant from a seed? What kind of soil, pot, etc. should I use? What are the fastest growing strains of aloe? Or will it take too long and should I use a pup from another plant (if I do, is it the same pot/soil conditions?)? aaand my questions just kind of spiral off from there, but if anyone could answer any of these questions, it would be a huge help.

Thank you,


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