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3rd Annual Appalachian Seed Swop

11 years ago

3rd Annual Appalachian Seed Swap

Public Event ÷ By Appalachian Sustainable Development


Sunday, December 4, 2011


2:00pm until 5:00pm


Slater Center , 325 McDowell Street, Bristol, Tennessee


Please join us at the Slater Center in Bristol, TN as the Appalachian Farmers Market Association celebrates the close of the 2011 Farmers Market season with the Appalachian Seed Swap.

If you are a saver of seed, if you enjoy planting new vegetable and flower varieties, or if you would like to grow and/or save seed from locally adapted varieties, this event is for you.

This yearâÂÂs event will feature a presentation by Ira Wallace of The Southern Exposure Seed Exchange (SESE) entitled âÂÂHeirloom Seeds �" Sow, Savor Save.â SESE will also have a booth at the seed swap offering an assortment of open pollinated seeds for sale. This event is free and open to the public �" you do not need to bring seeds in order to attend and enjoy this event �" light refreshments will be provided.

If you will be bringing seeds for the seed swap, plan to make labels for your seeds so that folks will know what you have (see example below). We will have blank labels available at the swap for those who need them. Also plan to have sealable bags to put your seeds (or otherâÂÂs seeds) into. The idea of a seed swap is to allow folks to share seeds and information with each other, but not everyone will have seeds to swap- if you wish to make seed packets available for sale, that will be allowed as well.

Label Example:

Bush Bean: Irish Annie (if from British Columbia the name would be Ireland Creek Annie)

This bean originated in Ireland and found its way to British Columbia before reaching the USA. These beans are from a friend- Irishman- Shane Ross who gave me 20 beans and now I am giving 20 to one of my friends. The beans breakdown quickly due to their thin skin and make their own sauce working well with other beans in soups. They possess a wonderful flavor. Daytime warmth of 60 degrees or more, resistant to mold and mildew, bush habit, about 24â high, sturdy, high yields, 75 days to harvest.

Wily Seedropper (123) 456-7890

For more information about the Appalachian Seed Swap or about the Appalachian Farmers Market Association, please contact Tom Peterson at: 276-623-1121 or

Appalachian Famers Market Association �"

Directions to Slater Center: Travel east on State Street from Volunteer Parkway/Commonwealth Drive. Pass under the Bristol âÂÂA Good Place to Liveâ sign and make a right turn onto Pennsylvania. Take your next let onto McDowell. The Slater Center is the big brick building on your left. �" Call 423-764-4023 if you get lost.


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