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Orange Patty Pan?

12 years ago

I grew white patty pan last year, have yellow this year so far, although my garden is way behind and have several squash just now producing male blooms, so maybe will have white too.

The flavor of the yellow surpass white, but I would like an orangish yellow patty pan, I've read of something called Patterson Orange Patty Pan, is it really orange? I've seen pictures, a few, and they look yellow.

Probably the yellow will turn to orange if I let is sit too long on the vine, but I'm looking for young patty pan squash varieties that are orangish if anyone knows any varieties, please let me know.

I can't say they are squash vine resistant like some say, they are alive and kicking at the moment with no signs accept squash bugs that I kill as soon as I see. I can say they are much more weather resistant, if you had problems sprouting any this season, expect more dreary rainy seasons, for squash try the yellow patty pan.

If anyone knows of a website with all kinds of varieties, espially oranish/yellow, please let me know.

Thank you.

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