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grapes (and fruit trees) dying!!

13 years ago

Ok here is the background--two winters ago we had a major ice storm in central Oklahoma and all my grapes/fruit trees are 12-15 yrs. old. The spring following the storm, one of my peach trees was dead and after getting fruit on the vines, two of my concords suddenly died. This spring my other peach tree, my plum, my sweet cherry and all but one of my remaining concords are dead. What happened?!! I still have a pear tree (that in 15 years is only 8" high and has never bloomed,) most of my nanking cherry bushes, my tart cherry tree, a sweet cherry that I planted last year and my three apricot trees which are planted in the "harshest" location-- (and which also never produce.) Do you think the storm was what caused my problem or something else. I might add, I have seen signs of a mole in the grapes. Any ideas would be appreciated as I am getting ready to replant the vineyard.

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