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Two peaches, one bloom

11 years ago

I have a Red Globe peach tree that I planted last year. It a few established peaches on there when I planted it. One of the peaches was a siamese peach. Two were growing connected to each other. I have noticed that several of my blossoms have two (not sure if this is the right part of the flower) stamen. I have been watching one of them for about two weeks and the bloom has fallen away and I am left with two adorbs peaches. Now last year the two that grew together never grew bigger than small plums, and were never harvested.

So I am wondering if I should cut or pull or whatever to remove one of the two peaches? Also is there a term for this!? I googled it several different ways and all I could find was stuff about baby strollers! o.O ANNNND is there anything I can do next year to stop this from happening, or is this just one of those things?

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