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HAVE: many veggie seeds, and flower seeds

13 years ago

I have: Blue lake pole beans, dragons tongue bush beans, hyacinth bean, cosmos mix, gaillardia, mini popcorn-mixed colors and strawberry, rainbow dent corn, spaghetti squash, birdhouse gourd, mammoth sunflowers, purple balloon flower, mini ornamental peppers-medusa, kiwano/african horned melon, baptisia/false wild indigo.

I am looking for: books on sustainable agriculture/homesteading,and seeds of: lettuce varieties, chinese red noodle bean, chichiquelite huckleberry, eggplants, okra, dipper gourd, banana melon, cayenne peppers, zucchini rampicante, lemon squash, sorghum, broom corn, assorted winter squashes, litchi tomato, yellow wonder wild strawberry, and amaranths.

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