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Have: flowers,melons,peppers, looking for veggies

12 years ago

Some seeds are leftovers from planting this year, some are seeds i have stored over the past year or two.

I'm looking for some different carrots (yellow,red,any ball types etc)


Short day onion



or other types of fruit/veggies that grow well in buckets and bins.

One seed I am really looking for is sausage tomato.

I also really like weird,uncommon,heirloom stuff.

Here is my trade list:



Flax blue

snapdragon (red rose color)

babys breath

Southern belle hibiscus

evening scented stock

zinnia (mixed)

sweet willam

pink cleome

blue morning glory

nigella damascena

nigella sativa (ethiopian variety)

forget me not mix (solid blue chinese and typical white center)

mixed coleus

stella d'oro day lilly

aster crego

red fountain grass

black cohosh (aclaea racemosa)

mixed pink holly hocks


Leaf chicory

serrano pepper

long thin cayenne pepper

long thick cayenne pepper

larg cherry pepper

hot portugal pepper

pimiento pepper

tepin hot pepper

anaheim hot pepper

ruby king sweet bell pepper

12' sunflower (edible type)


Orangeglo watermelon (abt 6-8 seeds,Yellow flesh)

black diamond watermelon

golden honey watermelon (yellow flesh)

sugar loaf watermelon

white sugar lump watermelon (rare,white flesh)

straight eight cucumber

royal burgundy beans

sugar snap peas

nantes carrot

Lillians yellow heirloom beefstake tomato (abt 8 seeds)

mahogany beef steak tomato (abt 8-10 seeds)

great white heirloom beef steak (8-10 seeds)

pink ponderosa heirloom beef steak tomato (abt 25 seeds)

I also have ylang-ylang tree seeds.

These seeds are hard to store and have a low germination rate in general. So these might be a tough one to try out.


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