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Wild non-fruiting cherry trees are plaguedw/ what?

14 years ago


I have about a dozen of wild cherry trees (Black cherry - Prunus serotina) on my property that all have the tent caterpillars. And every other one around here as well. You can drive through the area and spot the cherry trees due to the tents. I have several questions regarding this:

1- Why is it just the wild cherries? What is it the caterpillars like about them?

2- Is there anything I can do about them? They never flower, at least not in the 3 years since I have lived here. Do the tents prevent them from flowering or do wild cherry trees not flower?

3- Should I remove the trees to prevent them from affecting my 3 sour cherry trees? (1 Northstar, 2 Montmorency)

Thanks kindly for your help.

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