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Sago Palm - Fruit Flies?

10 years ago

I recently bought a little sago palm for my office. It appeared to have a few fruit flies on it when I got it from the store to my home, but I figured it wasn't a big deal. Since I've taken it to my office, which was about a week ago, the fruit flies (I'm not sure if they're really fruit flies, but that's what they look like) seem to have multiplied. Even thought I've killed quite a few of them, there are plenty left, and they are very distracting. They've even left my office and ventured down the hall, bothering my coworkers. I also have a lot of clients in and out of my office, and they're very bothersome with other people in my office! What can I do to tame this problem while keeping my plant (and my office space) safe?

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