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Simple home method to make castor oil from castor plant

13 years ago

I've read how poisonous the castor beans are, but I grew them to make homemade soap. It's great for ciculation and comes as one of the main ingredients in a 63 dollar cream. I thought incorporating it in goat milk soaps would be an exra bonus. Goat milk is good to protect aging skin, plus with castor oil, it will improve circulation all over.

My question is this, I found this nice website:

It says to boil them first, but how long? They are poisonous until they are cooked, that is when the oil is removed. Any ideas on how to prepare them?

My small castor plants are just now developing buds, so I want to collect them as soon as I need to.


Here is a link that might be useful: Castor Bean

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