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Covering money tree may have killed it?

14 years ago


I have seen quite a few posts about money trees on this forum but I didn't see any about this specific question, so hopefully it isn't a repeat. Anyways, I have an indoor money tree, 5 years old and about four feet tall. It has always been very robust and healthy-looking, and I haven't changed my care/watering habits recently.

I am a college student, so I periodically bring my money tree home for winter, summer and spring breaks (about 5 times per year). It has survived 4 hour car rides in the past with no problems, but last week I was making a 4 hour car ride with it and decided to cover it with a large garbage bag for visibility purposes for driving (the plant is quite large for my small car and was obstructing my vision). I thought the plant would be fine because I left the bottom of the bag open for a free flow of air into the bag.

When I arrived at my destination, I took the bag off and my plant was very sad-looking: droopy leaves, all of them pale yellow. Before the car ride all of the leaves had been very green and healthy-looking. A week later, my money plant has still not recovered. All of the leaves are droopy, yellow, and almost transparent-looking.

So, does anyone think that covering the plant may have killed it? Or might it recover? Is there anything I can do to nurse it back to health?

Thank you.

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