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Have to trade an abundance of some 2009 fresh garden seeds

14 years ago

Hi everyone,

I have an abundance of the following seeds and would love to trade them for some things on my want list. I'm looking for some hard to find items, so please don't hesitate to ask if you have something similar or offer something you think I might like based on my wants! Trades only at this time.

There are some other items listed on my trade page, however I may not have a large amount of some of them. Feel free to inquire about them if you are interested in them.

Carthamus tinctorius, Safflower, Orange Mix, Commercial

Clarkia unguiculata, Garland Flower, Mountain garland, Commercial

Eupatorium purpureum, Joe Pye Weed, Garden, Butterflies just love this stuff!

Gaillardia, Blanket Flower, Goblin Garden, Blooms profusely all season long!

Helianthus annuus, Sunflower, Black Oil, Commercial, Pick up shells, damages garden soil

Hibiscus, Annual Hibiscus, Manihot Yellow, Garden, Beautiful pale yellow blooms with a dark center

Linaria maroccana, Morrocan Toad Flax Mix, Commercial, Caution: can be dangerous to livestock!

Lobularia maritime, Alyssum, Carpet of Snow Commercial, Low growing annual, great for borders, a garden favorite

Nicandra, Shoofly, Garden, Solid Green Foliage, Blooms are almost black before opening to purple blooms

Nicotiana, Flowering Tabacco, Jasmine Scented, Garden Flute like white blooms that smell devine on 5-6 foot tall plants!

Ratibida columnifera, Mexican Hats, Deep Red with some yellow, Garden

Rudbeckia nitida, Perennial Sunflower, Herbstonne, Garden, Lovely tall growing, butterfly and bee heaven!

Trifolium incarnatum, Clover Crimson, Commercial, Great for naturalizing large areas or for a small planting

Triticum aestivum, Wheatgrass, Commercial

Foeniculum vulgare, Fennel, Bronze, Garden, Eastern Black Swallowtail Host Plant

Medicago sativa, Sprouts, Alfalfa, Commercial


Diana :)

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