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New seeds for trade!

13 years ago

Hi Everyone! Here's some new items that I have for trade. I'm looking for japanese morning glories, daturas that I don't have listed and yellow trumpet vine seeds although I'll consider most anything (I love vines but love flowers, too!). :) If interested in trading, please send me a private email ( so I'll be sure to receive it. Thanks and Happy Gardening!!!!


Butterfly Bush � Blue

Confederate Rose � Double Pink

Datura � Dwarf Purple

Datura � White

Galphimia � Shower of Gold

Hibiscus � Yellow with maroon center (Aculeatus)

Maypops � Purple Passion Flower Vine

Morning Glory � Hederacea

Morning Glory � Orange Noah

Morning Glory � Scarlet Creeper

Oleander � Red

Oleander � Pink

Popcorn Tree

Trumpet Vine � Red/Orange (multi-colored)

Michele :)

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