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Does this look like Blueberry Stem Canker? Common in MD/VA?

12 years ago

Re-posting this newly now that I have figured out how to post pictures (first 5 are pics of the disease on Bluecrop plants)

Pics of the disease on several Bluecrop plants (none of which were allowed to fruit last summer . . . and note that the disease seems to make one plant look more "boiled" and one just looks like the red back was stripped off some):

Hi all,

I'm sad to report that it looks like at least 4 blueberry bushes that were planted just last year are showing widespread infection of Botryosphaeria Stem Canker (they have the trademark red lesions on relatively new growth . . . see the picture on page 8 (one of the slides on the bottom) ).

And apparently there is no chemical control and the only means of control is destroying the infected plants. Ugh. I thought berries were supposed to be easy!

Growing blueberries on the West Coast I never had to deal with this disease. Is this a very common disease? I don't want to destroy the infected bushes only to find out that this is so endemic and everyone just tolerates the infection or plants only resistant varieties of blueberries.

Also, I should add that there were no blueberry plants in my yard before last year, though it is in a residential area (there could be tons of infected plants two houses down . . . .). And I bought all of the blueberry plants I have now from Raintree (which is a pretty reputable source).

Anyways, now I'm trying to figure out what to do. I have a bunch more blueberries coming in the next week and so I want to figure out if I need to remove the infected plants (and take actions if necessary) before the new ones arrive.

Thanks in advance everyone, since this is my first major issue I've run into I'd really appreciate any words of wisdom you could provide.

Here is a link that might be useful: UMD: What Do Blueberries Want? Choosing A Site

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