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fruit trees and berries in small backyard???

13 years ago

Hello everyone,

My family has recently purchased a home with a smallish backyard. We really like the home and are planting quite a bit of flowers and shaping up the yard since the previous owners neglected it somewhat. We really wanted to plant a couple more fruit trees in the backyard but I am at a little bit of a loss for the optimum location. I have already been reading and gathering knowledge on this forum, which seems extremely helpful, so I joined and wanted to ask you guys for some advice. As a warning, I have quite a few questions to ask but would sincerely appreciate any advice.

The home is located in north Orange County, in Southern California. Below is a picture of the northern half of the back-yard, which happens to be the main south-facing side, as the south south-facing side is for the most part paved:


The house casts a bit of a shadow during the day, but nothing too excessive and the fence is always bathed in sun. The green tree that is already planted seems to be an apricot, although we are not sure as the previous owners planted it. The pink blossomed small tree behind it is a Red Baron peach we just bought and are trying to decide where to plant. Another, perhaps clearer picture:


The tree in the corner is a hibiscus (which sadly seems to have a bit of a whitefly problem). Anyway, we were thinking of planting the peach around where it currently is, as it would get full sun and I've read peaches prefer that. However, I am afraid of it taking up too much room in the yard and would almost like it to be closer to the fence. Would it be possible to dig up the apricot and move it closer to the fence as well?

The grape by the fence has grown quite out of hand it seems, and I know it should probably be pruned and properly supported, but I have no idea of how to do it yet. I bought 5 more grapes of various types in the hope of planting them all against that wall to cover it with vines so it would be green AND produce table grapes. I was imagining a trellis like this would work:


But all the grape websites I've seen recommend stakes with two wires and training the vines that way instead. Any recommendations? I have bought: Crimson Seedless, Himrod Seedless, Perlette Seedless, Kyoho and Black Monukka.

I was also thinking of planting a semi-dward orange by the wall, to the right of where the photo was taken, along the wall in the shadow of the house. I've read citrus tree are more tolerant of shade, but it would still probably get at least 6-7 hours of sun.

My sister also bought two blueberry bushes (Jubilee and Southmoon) and an erect blackberry (Navaho) to plant in the southern half of our backyard:


They are the three potted plants by the AC Compressor. I was wondering how tall they would get, I imagine quite big so I probably shouldn't plant them in front of windows? I would just put them against that back wall but since it is on the southern side of the house, it would probably be quite shady except for high noon when they get sun from above.

Any opinions, suggestions and comments would be greatly, greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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