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16 years ago

Hi all,

Well, not exactly. lol We got a beta fish two days ago. I was around the nurses station at a local hospital for a couple of days. Long story and not terribly interesting. Anyway they had three betas, each with their own glass goldfish bowl. After looking at them every time I needed a diversion I decided that I wanted one too.

I am not new to tropical fish. When I was a boy I had several aquariums. In the summer time I had use of a small pond. It was basically 100 gal. horse tank sunk into the patio. There was a nice one foot retaining wall around it. It really looked cool and one would never guess that it was a horse tank. During the summer I would take several of my fish and put them in the pond. They would multiply and get big by the end of the summer. I would then sell the larger fish to a local pet store and keep the smaller fish going until the following summer. I raised fancy guppies, black mollies and swordfish. I also raised snails.

Several years ago I decided to get back into fish. I had a 29 gal. aquarium of tropical fish and a 15 gal. aquarium of goldfish. I had them for several years but finally decided that they were too much maintenance and I sold them off. The beta though is just about my speed at this time.

He is really pretty. It's hard to tell from the picture because there is some shine from the flashbulb on his scales, but he is a deep scarlet from head to the tip of his tail. Anyway, here is a picture. He is not as confined as it would appear by the picture. The round globe acts as a magnifying glass.


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