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Planning next years garden. Need some suggestions.

11 years ago

This year was our first year at the new house and also our first year to garden. Well we had a few mis-steps along the way but we did manage to grow some tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, and banana peppers. One major screw-up we had was tilling the soil up grass and all. The crab-grass and bermuda grass kicked our asses all year. That's another thing I discovered. We have those. Well anyways, we learned a lot of valuable lessons.

Well our garden still has a little life left in it, but the weeds have completely taken over and it's just a matter of time so I want to get a good head-start on next year. Few questions.

-Our grass is very invasive. Next year I plan to convert a much larger part of my back-yard into long-term gardens. What would you suggest I do to have much better success? I've done a lot of research about lasagna gardening, but have seen mixed reviews on it's usefulness against bermuda grass. What should I do then? I have ample access to sheets of cardboard. Would digging down a few inches and covering with cardboard work here? I'm not weary of using round-up outside the veggie garden, but I don't know if I would want to use it in the garden. But if that is what i'd have to do then I would consider it.

-Another challenge I face is a gentle sloping backyard. I don't know how well you can tell from the picture. It's not dramatic, but it does slope. My question is, at what slope should I plan to do a terrace garden? What exactly is the best/most inexpensive way to go about doing such a project?

I will post more questions as I have time. Work is calling me. Thanks for any responses. They will be much appreciated.

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