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I'm pulling my hair out!

17 years ago

Over this wireless internet thing!! I have been working on this the last two days trying to get it to work. The last time I had a new computer and was hooking up the internet was back in 96 and I had a 28.8 modem. Now I have this cable internet connection and a wireless modem/router. First I couldn't get the modem to configure correctly, then the computer wouldn't recognize the wireless connection, then I couldn't do any updating. Ahhhgggg! Then once all that was figured out, I spent all day today on the phone with tech support for the modem, the computer, and the ISP. I finally gave up on the modem and got another one, and still had the same problems. Mainly, I would be browsing and it would work fine for about 5 minutes, then all of the sudden the browser wouldn't work anymore and I couldn't update anything. If this is what it takes to get online at home, good grief! I finally got things working after undoing every firewall and privacy thing on the computer with the new modem. But now how am I supposed to protect the computer? It's a no win! Anyone else had these issues?


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