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everything but the svb (i know i've seen these eggs before!)

13 years ago

I think at this point I can be cautiously optimistic that my switch to c. moschata squashes has kept the SVB at bay, but it seems like everything else under the sun is popping up on my squash. I've got cucumber beetles galore (but no cucumbers anymore!) and what I think is the associated bacterial wilt on my trellised butternut plants, although the vines seem quite vigorous and healthy despite it.

I have a number of squash bug nymphs showing up, and I spent yesterday duct-taping egg clusters off of the leaves:


There was also this long tube of eggs that I know I've seen posted and identified in this very forum, but no matter what I search for I can't find that thread again! (eggs on squash, segmented eggs, tootsie roll eggs, etc.) Can anyone help me with an id?


I'm running out of squash pests - I know they're not svb, squash bugs, pickleworms or cucumber beetles - so I'm hoping they're benign or beneficial. Are my hopes in vain?

Also, can unpollinated or aborted squash look like this? (I do have several healthy squash on the same plant.)


Thanks for your help,


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