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If I can only have one peach which one should I go with?

13 years ago

My local choices to buy are dwarf Reliance, Elberta and Bell of Georgia. Which one is best balance for hardiness and good taste? If I can only have one peach (due to space limitations) which one should I go with?

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  • theaceofspades
    13 years ago

    keepitlow, the reliance is not great in the flavor dept. The other two ripen towards the late season. Later ripening peaches get more exposure to disease and squirrels. I'd go with a great flavor early heavy setting peach like Redhaven.

  • turtleman49
    13 years ago

    Why not a multi grafted tree?
    Something with a early, mid, and late season set....

  • jellyman
    13 years ago


    I have a Reliance that is now about 12 years old, and I think it is a fine peach. It's a little hard for me to get around the fine points of peach flavor; I think nearly all home-grown peaches that are ripened on the tree are good. I don't have Elberta, but I understand there are early and late versions of this peach. Redhaven has been a standard commercial peach for many years, and I wouldn't disagree with Ace that it would also be a good choice.

    When you limit yourself to locally available choices you are, well, limiting yourself. Any particular reason for that? With all the internet nursery resources available today, you could study the descriptions and choose from dozens of peach varieties. All of the trees in my fairly large orchard have been ordered in by mailorder or internet, all of them bareroot. I have had very few failures or bad experiences. Have a look around the internet and expand your knowledge of peach varieties, then make an informed choice yourself.

    Bear in mind that when you plant a peach you are taking on potential insect and disease problems that you may have to learn to deal with in some way. You may have mentioned your location at some time in the past, but if so I have forgotten it. In most zone 7 locations, particularly in the east, you will have to deal with plum curculio and the oriental fruit moth in the insect department, and disease problems like bacterial canker and fruit brown rot. This is true for all peach varieties, but, as Ace has observed, the later peaches are more subject to problems simply because they hang on the trees longer. Unfortunately, later peaches are usually sweeter, more dense, and generally higher quality, so it's a tradeoff.

    If you don't feel you want to look around any more, I would just go with the Reliance, which is early-midseason, a good peach, and no worse in the insect and disease departments than anything else.

    Don Yellman, Great Falls, VA

  • keepitlow
    Original Author
    13 years ago

    Thanks so much for the help.I preferred to see what I was getting, so was looking locally. But the Redhaven sounds pretty good. Will check out the mail order sources.

  • theaceofspades
    13 years ago

    keepitlow, Redhaven is the flavor standard by which all early peaches are judged. You'll want a semi dwarf as the standards get pretty big without heavy pruning.

    Here is a link that might be useful: Henry Fields

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