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HAVE: seed swap on the rr forum

16 years ago


Well its that time of year that we are collecting our seeds & hoping to trade for others on our want list :)

So I have started a seed swap over on the Round Robin Forum & Like to Invite ANYONE & EVERYONE

who Have SEEDS, or No Seeds You are welcome to join us .

There are many Kind Gwbers Who Have said they have extra

to share .

when I say new Members I mean 6mo's or less in Gw &

if you have a few seeds to share that is great but

nessary . I hope you will come check us out .

Also if there are some of you looking to just clean out a few of your last years seeds & Have a few extra from this year's crop Please feel free to share them with others . contact me .

we are working on winter sowing or seeds for our theme gardems .

ty all in advance

susie /skohler

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