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The godsend of Tea Tree Oil

15 years ago

just wanted to put up a quick post.

Been using this for ages for many different things, but last month, I drove a friend to the Doctor because he want feeling well. Unfortunately he sneezed/coughed in the car on the way. he was diagnosed with strepped throat. needless to say within the next week I became sick and my tonsils looked just awful. While I did go to the doctor, also having strepped throat, I couldnt afford the antibiotics at the time. I used tea tree oil mouthwash to gargle and then after the gargle, I dipped a cotton swab into pure tea tree oil and swabbed my tonsils. within about 3 days, swabbing 2 -4 times a day, the infection was gone.

Gotta love the stuff.

just dont swallow it. lol

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