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HAVE: Want 2 Trade 4 Winter Veggies / Worth Having a Look

9 years ago

I haven't had anywhere near a garden in like 2 year
Got tired of feeding gophers
I SOOO Miss My Fresh Veggies

Have some scrap wood & building a raised bed
So looking for some Winter Veggie Seeds

Since the raised bed probably wont be very big / At least not for now
My goal is to grow as many different things as possible
So "Variety" Is More Important Than Quantity
At least for plants that produce multiple veggies & not a one time pick

For something like winter squash I'd only need like 3 - 5 seeds / Enough seeds to ensure 1 or 2 plants
Only growing for myself

Would Really Like To Keep It Simple & Just Do One Trade With One Person Then a Bunch Of Small Trades
Interesting veggies are a + & purple and/or orange cauliflower would be cool

So For The Person Who Can Help Make My Winter Gardening Dream Come Through

I Can offer 1 Or 2 Corms/Bulbs Of Each
VooDoo Lily ~ A. Konjac & S. Venosum

And / Or

Can also offer fresh Brugmansia / Angel's Trumpet seeds & Full pods
Really Nice Looking Plant Large Bright Yellow/Gold Flowers ~ They Smell Awesome At Night
Dutchman's Pipe Vine / Aristolochia Gigantea Seeds & Full pods.
Email for pics of flowers from the plants

Fresh Bryophyllum Pinnatum leaves

In very limited qty. / Have to check on #
Gossypium Barbadense / Sea Island Cotton

Other misc. stuff ???



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