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WANTED: Herb and tomato seeds for my seeds (some heirloom)

11 years ago

With winter approaching, I don't have much to do outside other than making sure all my plants have plenty of water and enough heat in their greenhouses. I would like to stay busy inside by growing some herbs. Any and all herbs would be appreciated.

I am mainly interested in the following:


-basil (really want mammoth, lettuce leaf and purple)



Also, I prefer cherry tomatoes but I am open to all tomatoes!

I have to offer the following seeds:

-*carnival squash (3 seeds)

-spaghetti squash (5 seeds)

-*jumbo pink banana squash (3 seeds)

-baby snapdragon (20-30 seeds)

-*lemon cucumber (8 seeds)

-*jarradale pumpkin (2 seeds)

-golden tuft alyssum (20-40 seeds)

-rosemary (10-20 seeds)

-*banana melon (3 seeds)

-telegraph long cucumber (3 seeds)

-*dwarf barlotto beans (4 seeds)

-soybean (5 seeds)

-top crop bush bean (5 seeds)

-blue lake 274 bush bean (5 seeds)

-cherokee wax bush bean (5 seeds)

-purple top turnip (50 or so seeds)

-blue vates curled kale (1/2 tsp)

-*tiger melon (5 seeds)

-black beauty eggplant (6-8 seeds)

-*antigua eggplant (6-8 seeds)


I would also appreciate any squashes (i.e. candy roaster, acorn, waltham butternut. buttercup, hubbard, delicata, pattypan/scallop), pumpkins (marina di chiogga, sweet meat,dill's atlantic, musque de provence, fairytale, cinderella) or beans (burgundy, yardlong, lima beans, jacob's cattle, tiger eye, ying yang). I am looking to go ahead and stock up on seeds for springtime. Let's make a trade! :)


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