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New Plum Trees Initial Pruning

9 years ago

I have been reading this forum for a while. This is my first post. I planted some asian pears and blueberries last year. This year, I ordered the following: Laroda Plum, Burgundy Plum, Satsuma Plum, Tomcot Apricot, and Spring Satin Plum.

They will be planted 6 feet apart. I am in outside Washington, DC. Zone 6B or 7A.

I am leaning toward modified central leader due to the fact that my spacing is somewhat close. I keep finding conflicting information on whether or not this is OK compared to open vase. Any recommendations?

Also, the trees that I received are about 3/4 - 1" caliper, about 4 feet tall, and have feathered branches in the top foot or so. I would like to have my first scaffold about 2 feet up from the soil line. It looks like the nursery may have been pruning these off. My first inclination is to head the trunk back to 3' or so in the next couple of weeks. However, some research says I should prune in late summer-- I am guessing this type of cut would remove all leaves if done then. How should I go about this?

Thank you very much for any help.

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