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Please Recommend Apricots, Cherries, Peaches

16 years ago

I live about 35 miles west of Chicago, and would like to start some fruit trees this year. I am most interested in apricots, peaches and cherries, but am open to other varieties as well. I have room for as many as 10 trees, depending on their size.

I would like to get varieties which are as trouble-free as possible in this area. We mostly eat organic and I'd like to raise these trees without spraying, but I'm willing to bend on that if there's no other way.

It seems like not many people around here grow fruit trees. I always assumed that you just couldn't grow stone fruit in this climate, but I'm hoping to prove myself wrong. I do have one elderly lady friend who has a very large cherry tree in her backyard, I think it must have been a Montmorency. I'm sure she never did anything to it, but it looked healthy and was bearing an enormous amount of fruit. Trees like that would be ideal.

Can anyone recommend apricots, peaches and cherries (both sweet and sour) or other fruits which are known for being good eating and would do well here?

Thank You

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