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Suggestion for list of common pests on FAQ

14 years ago

I have a suggestion that might be helpful to post in the FAQ section. It would be really, really nice if an expert could post the names of the common garden pests (and pictures to go along with them would be even better if possible). Every time I see a new bug, I spend quite some time on google images trying to figure out what kind of bug it is. My corn is about ready to harvest, but I have been noticing some black and orange fuzzy bugs (almost like tiny caterpillars) all over my corn plants and some in my cukes. They're easy to squish, so I've been doing that. I have NO IDEA what these are, and I've exhausted the search option on the forum and google images. I also found a gigantic rainbow beetle today (which I think I found is a Japanese Beetle). Anyway, just knowing the names of the most common pests would make it easy to do a google image search on them to try to pinpoint the bugs in my garden rather than reading through hundreds of posts, writing down the names of every pest I see in the threads, and then doing a google image search. Just a thought! :) If I knew enough, I'd offer to write the thread. But geez, I had no idea before this year that garden pests were even a huge problem, much less, what they all are!

Happy Thursday everyone! Ally

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