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HAVE: Lots of new seeds this year!!!!! :) Just updated

9 years ago

So I wasn't gonna officially start trading yet until Fall officially started and I had more things on my list but I thought what the heck!!! :) Check it out and let me know if anything interests you!! I'd be happy to browse your lists to find something if you don't have anything specifically on my list! thanks :)
Asclepias Incarnata Pink (25+ seeds)
Asclepias Incarnata White (25+ seeds)
Balloon Flowers - Pink and Blue Mix (100+ seeds)
Blackberry Lily (35 seeds)
Columbine - mix of yellows,blue, purple,white (50+ seeds)
Daylily - Yellow Stella De Oro (10+ seeds)
Forget Me Nots - Blue (200+ seeds)
Gaillardia - Arizona Sun (50+ seeds)
Hollyhock - white w/ yellow eye (OLD SEEDS from 2010, will include 50-100 seeds)
Hyacinth Bean Vine - Purple (15 seeds)
Poppy - (Somniferum) Lavender (1/4 tsp/ 200+ seeds)
Rose of Sharon - Mixed Colors of pink, blue white, double pink (30 seeds)
Sage - Mealy-Cup (50 seeds)
Scabiosa - Butterfly Blue (35 seeds)
Scabiosa- Pink Mist (35 seeds)
Scabiosa - Mariposa Violet (35 seeds)
Sea Holly - Blue (30+ seeds)
Yarrow - Pink Grapefruit (w/ chaff)
Yarrow - Magenta (w/ chaff)
Yarrow - White (w/ chaff)
Yucca - white flowering (100 seeds)
Dogwood (10 seeds)
Magnolia - White (10 seeds)

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