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new bare root fruit trees

10 years ago

im new to gardening and super new (today) to gardening forums! yeay!
anyway, i planted 3 (a cherry, apple and pear) bare root fruit trees that i got from home depot about two weeks ago. i trimmed them back pretty heavy but i was reluctant to lop them off at just above knee height, even tho that is where i would like the branches to form from so as to keep it short.. i just couldnt do it. shortly after, i bought a second cherry online and planted it a week later. when the online cherry came it was entirely too tall so i got my gusto up and lopped it off where i wanted the branches to stem. the online cherry had a much larger root system then the home depot ones and since last week its leafed out and shown growth. so this should bring you up to date. my question is, is it too late to lop off my other cherry and my pear? and should people even lop off the apples? i know we want a good strong central leader, so thats a bit confusing for me. any advice is welcome. thank you in advance :)

p.s- there no growth or change in the trees in asking about, not even bud swell. im just worried that maybe i didnt trim back enough for such a small root system..and accounting for the low quality care home depot has a reputation for lol

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