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Remedy for poison ivy -

Due to Global Warming, poison ivy has gotten much more severe in recent years because, as the part per million of carbon in the air, rose from 200 to 300, the ingredient which causes the rash, urushiol, has become more potent.

I used to get PI for a couple of days, put some caladryl on it and it would be gone. Now I get it *severely*, blisters, insane itching. Last time I had it, it lasted 4 weeks (!) and left scars.

Now that I have the remedy I want to share it. [I have no financial interest in this product.]. I started using "Oral Ivy". It is a homeopathic remedy. You put a few drops in water and sip it.

Do this every 2 hours until symptoms decrease.

After only a few times I could actually see the blisters start to dry up, and the itching stopped immediately.

This product is also supposed to prevent PI. I have to take it for 7-14 days and then I will put it to the test, and let you know.

Another 2 remedies for immediate relief while you wait for the Oral Ivy are- baking soda or tumeric. Make a paste and apply it to the infected area. Just be careful, tumeric stains.


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