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looking for left over 2010 commercial seed

12 years ago

if you have any of these - or something close

pick any 3 from my posted list in trade.

cucumber: Asian Nectar, Speedway, Tanja, Diva

eggplant: Purple Rain, Twinkle, Diamond, Neon, Millionaire, Antigua, Fengyuan Purple, Machiaw Hybrid, Bride Hybrid, Ichiban, Hansel, Long Slim Purple, Dairyu, Japanese Picking or Zebra

Lettuce: Dazzle

lima bean: Eastland

Pepper: Karma or any sweet that turns red early

spinach: Renegade, Melody, Space Hybrid, Wolter, Fiorana F1 Hybrid

zucchini: Born Free, Ambassador, Lolita, Sungreen, Cashflow, Sable Beauty, Midnight F1 Hybrid, Venus F1 Hybrid, Defender F1, Tristan F1 Hybrid

Parsley: Laura

balloon flower ?Platyconcon gradiflorus Astra Double Lavender

Coleus: Alligator, Appaloosa, Atlas, Sassafrass, Saturn, Scarlet Ribbons, Scatter Splatter, Solar Eclipse, Solar Flare, Dipt in Wine, Stormy Weather, Splashdown, Sparkler, Smoldering Mahogany, Kingswood Karnival, Kiwi Herman, Krispy Kritter, Rattlesnake, Schizo, Solar Storm, Super Duckfoot, Dark Star, Indo 5, Inky Fingers, Zabrina

Cosmos: chocolate, Double Click Rose Bonbon

delphinium: Tickled Pink

dianthus: Kawara Pink, Siberian Blues

gazania: Rose Shades, Talent mix

hollyhock: Double Appleblossom, Cummings

Lathraea clandestina (purple toothwart) seed must be fresh

morning glory: Carmen, Chocolate

Nemesia: Tapestry

Ornamental cabbage: Ice Fingers

osteospermum ?Whirlgig?

Pansy: Atlas Purple Smile, Atlas Sky Blue, Springtime Cassis, Frosty Rose, Can Can Mix, Ruffled Feathers, Watercolors

Poppy: Coral Reef

salpiglossis: Peacock Fan

Torenia: Summer Wave Amethyst

Verbascum: Cherry Helen

verbena: Lanai Purple Mosaic

Petunia: Purple Pirouette, Double Cascade, Frillytime Burgundy, Celebrity Blue Crystal, Celebrity Plum Ice, Dreams Picotee Burgundy, Blue Spark (cascading type), Dolcissima Limoncello, Aladdin Nautical mix

Here is a link that might be useful: My Trade List

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