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I need my peaches to survive this year....please help before it's

8 years ago

I have 6 peach trees....2 of them in prime locations.......are about 12-15 feet tall, and give about 100-200 beautiful peach buds......I spray them with stuff i get from home depot (can't recall what it is....but it's to get rid of bugs/etc.)

so.....these grow fine until mid summer....when all of a sudden, they start getting a disease.....which is like a "flesh eating virus!!!" and turns them rotten while still on the tree....and they spread, and eventually fall. i get maybe a handful of eatable peaches from each tree.

any idea what i need to do early on in the season to avoid this? It was recommended to me to spray Copper (NOW in Mid March right before the buds are coming out). and then spray "Immunox by Spectracide" after that...year round.

i'm in northern VA.

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