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Cucumbers smell and taste of chemicals...

12 years ago

Hello all!! Im glad to have found this very knowledgeable website for gardeners like myself! Didnt really need help till I have come to this problem with my cucumbers as their is no information I can find on the web about it.

I have a Burpee bush burpless cucumber plant in a 12 gallon container on my sunny deck. It is now producing like crazy. When I picked my first cucumber from it about week ago, it had a small but notciable chemical taste. Tonight, my wife came to me after cleaning and peeling another one and asked me if it smelled funny. I said why yes it does! She then cut me a piece to try and sure enough! It tasted/smelled like chemicals even more than the first!! YUCK! We had to throw it away. I hated doing that as the cucumber is my favorite vegie from the garden. I hope the others wont taste/smell that way.

What could cause this? I used potting soil when I planted. I have used Natria 3 way insectecide by Bayer one time. When that didnt work on the pests I sprayed Sven on the plants once. About 3 weeks inbetween spraying. I also use Miracle Grow on them as well every 7 or so days. Any help would be appreciated as I have never ran into this problem!

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