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First red tomatoes - Garden progress

15 years ago

I was pleased to find 3 nice red tomatoes today on a 4 foot high caged Stupice plant. Each tomato was about 1.5 inches in diameter which is what I think should be expected from that variety. This is exactly day 52, The plants were grown in a two year 50/50 mix of top soil and leafgro compost supplemented this year with a bit of composted cow manure. No fertilizer of herbicides. Weather conditions have been perfect except the need to water.

Early girl still green fruits. The other varieties (13)are fruiting well also.

The peppers are big and green but none changing to colors yet.

The beans are ok with Smeraldo having rust issues due to overhead watering I suspect. Sprayed with a Bacillus Subtilis spray. The sugar peas did poorly this year. Lots of snap and snow peas.

Okra is at 2 feet with a few pods each. Eggplant doing ok despite serious flea beetle damage.

Onions are crowded by weeds. Need to be less lazy.

Asparagus is 7 feet high.

Cucumbers are sweet and non-bitter and coming in nicely despite some deer damage to the end growth.

Picked last cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower (fremont)and they did ok.

Corn (Honey Select) has managed to survive the deer so far. Now 3 - 4 feet high. No ears or tassels yet. Some with side shoots. Not surewhat to do about the side shoots?

Would enjoy hearing how others in the mid-Atlantic are doing.


Owings Mills, MD