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A few questions about planting new fruit

14 years ago

My first shipment of trees came yesterday, wasnt expecting them for a few more weeks. My Questions:

Do M7, EMLA 111, G30, or B9 need any kind of support system?

The area I am planting is not the best drained, only place i have, so I was thinking, and actually did it to the ones i got yesterday about mounding them. The 5 I planted last night I put the bottom of the roots at ground level. I took my shovel and broke the ground up a little then had my brother hold the tree up so the tips of the roots were just touching the ground. I then started mounding up some good soil. The mound are about 10-12 inches high and 3 foot diameter. Is this an acceptable way to plant trees?

These 5 trees (Original Winesap, Old Fashioned Winesap, Ashmead Kernel, Sops of Wine, and Williams Favorite all on emla 111) came from centuryfarms. 3 of the trees looked really good, good root system, nice and thick, even had some nice branches started on them. The other 2 had good root systems, just not as developed as the other but the graft still had some of the wax on them and werent nearly as thick. Could this juts be the difference between a 1 year whip and a 2 year tree?

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