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First Japanese beetles ever.

15 years ago

I found my first Japanese beetles ever today. They LOVE green beans, evidently. Starting this morning, I went out to my pole beans every couple hours and killed about ten each trip - 5 trips = over 50 of the little buggers dead. They aren't stupid, either. If there are 5 on a leaf and I grab one, the other four head for the hills.

Question 1 - Am I doing any good squishing 'em or just grossing out my wife?

Question 2 - The little research I've done so far talks of milky spore as being effective but it needing 2 years to really go to work. If i do my 1/2 acre lot but the neighbors don't, am I doing any good? I couldn't care less about my actual lawn.

Question 3 - I've lived a blessed gardening life thus far. Now that these buggers are here, how far behind can Colorado Potato Beetle and Squash Vine Borer be?!?!

Since I'm on the subject of bugs, I've been very vigilant squishing cabbage loopers outta my Brassicas but still see damage. Last year I noticed A LOT of earwigs hanging around my cabbage and was wondering if they would be another culprit. I thought they only ate dead and decaying matter.

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