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Suggestion to forum makers: Vegetable review forum

9 years ago

It would be nice if you had a "review vegetables" forum where people can write reviews of various varieties of veges from their own first hand experience.

reason: the seed companies never give full or accurate picture. I have not found a seed about which the seller did not have all the good things to say and none bad. They don't really give information as to where (area) it does or does not do well etc etc.

I know there are reviews of stuff on this site but they are scattered all over. At least I can never find what I am looking for via the "search function". That is another issue I have with this web site. The search function is extremely poor. Here are examples: I searched for "review vegetables" without quotes and these were the top 4 results:
Garden web forums-
Garden exchanges and trading and swapping
What books are recommended for new england
what are the requirements to become and stay certified as MG

I am sure the word "review" or "vegetables" has appeared in more than one "subject line" but none came up.

Next search: "Peas review for texas" and "peas for texas": Here are the top 3 results:

Garden exchanges
Childhood memories
My stupidest mistakes

Searching for members on this forum: unless the GW name is exactly the same, nothing comes up.

Now there is a lot good on this web site and this is my favorite gardening site. But I think it can be made even better.


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