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Fungus,leco etc What skin problem is this?

14 years ago

Hi I am going through a depression due to these black spots that u scratch turns white.they r all over my back frnt hands (only small white) and below ears.its 9 yrs old and not to forget even my dad has that. i have shown to 5 good dermotologist.2 of thm took biopsy and still not able to understand what was it and recommended more qualified three told its a simle fungus infection and recommended nizoral etcnow...i dnt see much improvant with oral and topical medicines they have given me.Its so frustating to hide all this uneven small patches and tone of skin with foundation all the time.i feel like commiting suicide at time,this is killing.I still remember soyabean and milk taken toghether helps me a lot.but i shud take nothing else with it.I dont know what the hell this is? anyone has same problem pls small spots u scrach thm the white area appears.

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