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How much topsoil volume for semi-dwarf trees?

14 years ago

I would like to grow some semi-dwarf fruit trees in my yard.

The area where there's space for them has no topsoil - quite literally. It's subsoil (the subdivision developer stripped off the topsoil and sold it) and almost nothing grows in it except some scattered weeds.

My plan is to dig out an appropriately sized hole and fill it with topsoil (this is on a significant incline, so no, it's not going to turn into a mud hole), as well putting additional topsoil on top of that. The fruit tree will of course go into this hole.

So here's my question - what is the size of the volume of topsoil that a semi-dwarf fruit tree will need in order to prosper, including when it gets to its full size (10-14' tall)?

(You can assume that the topsoil is of good quality, as opposed to something billed as "topsoil" that's basically junk.)

For example, would an area four feet square with two feet deep of topsoil be sufficient?

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