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10 years ago

I am a new member but I have lurked this forum and others for quite some time. I am a fruit nut. No disrespect to the fruitnut on this forum. I am totally fascinated by the fruit growing ability of all the members. The idea of the greenhouse is very appealing to me because it looks as if I am doomed to fail growing some of the fruit trees I have chosen in my area.

I have spent a great deal of time looking at my local county extension agent website. Wow, at the wealth of information.

I feel to get the results I want I will have to put in a Greenhouse. Create my California if you will. I think Fruitnut has mentioned this in a post or two. Unfortunately, I am a few years away from being able to build one ,I think. How do start if I have a clean slate to work with? Soil, type, cooling, heating watering, size. I have read Fruitnuts data for his but what did you build. I started researching Greenhouse's online. The Sky appears to be the limit. What do I truly need? If my questions are too broad I apologize. I truly don't know the best place to begin. I have time. Is anyone willing to share details of their build?
Don't get me wrong I would like to see how successful what I have planted will be with me babying the trees along but I see a Greenhouse in my future.
Thanks to everyone in advance.

My orchard:
Blackberry. - two 50ft rows. Apache, Ouachita,Navaho,Triple crown,Natchez
Raspberry - two Nova
Muscadines - 16 Black Beauty,Sweet Jenny,Darlene,Pineapple,Cowart,
Granny Val,Triumph,Summit,Supreme,Scarlettt,Sugar-gate, and Big Red
Fruit Trees - Pakistani, Shangri La and Silk Hope Mulberries
Elberta, Indian Blood, Indian Free Peach
Crimson Gold, Double Delight Nectarine
Santa Rosa, Methley Plum
Dapple Dandy, Flavor Grenada,Flavor Supreme, Flavor King Pluots
Flavor Delight, Cot N Candy Apriums

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