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Looking into good multi-purpose older apples for mid-atlantic

9 years ago

We used to have lots of old apple trees on my dad's property growing up. I don't think they were anything special and weren't very good eating apples I think they were more for cider. They were green and on the smaller side.

Anyway, all of those are all but firewood now (apple wood is the best for fires and cooking) but now I'm looking for some new apple trees for my dad to plant. We're installing a giant strawberry patch for him, I thought we should put in some apples, persimmons and peaches and possibly try a russian pomegranate (at least Id like him to try one) too since he wants to start canning and preserving. Maybe a sour cherry too.

He's looking for a really great multipurpose apple, one that you can eat fresh, bake/cook or use for applesauce and doesn't want to grow what you usually can get at the store or our local produce shop (which actually is well stocked with local apple varieties like empire, rome, etc) and also be relatively disease resistant.

He likes Winesap apples so I was thinking at least one tree we'd get would be getting would be that or stayman and then Arkansas Black which seems to have good cedar apple rust resistance. That's pretty much my biggest concern, that and fireblight. We'd spray of course.

Any other good oldies or modern new breed/natural crosses worth looking into that are of that older honeyed/spiced and have those higher tanins found in winesap.

I'm currently looking on orangepippin and bighorsecreek farm websites and there are so many interesting varieties. Currently looking at the supposed most resistant apples on orangepipin, a lot are english cooking apples.

Overall we're thinking of planting about 4-6 apple trees. Like I said he generally likes the qualities of winesap so I'm thinking a lot of older I guess winter apple varieties would be best bets?

So far I've also noticed a winesap relation, King David is also supposedly very resistant to fireblight. So currently options are:

winesap and or stayman winesap
arkansas black
king david

going in the right direction?

I asked in the Mid-Atlantic forum but I also wanted to ask here if there are any particular varieties we should check out.


- Max

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