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have: sase seeds broom corn red ornamental corn, etc

15 years ago

Will send for SASE

red and black broom corn (not an actual corn is a kind of sorghum) birds love the seeds and you can make a broom from it

ornamental red corn

3 scarlet runner bean seeds

helenium moerheim beauty

All were received on trades I know nothing about any of these

I also have some seed savers exchange magazines

and some Weston A Price magazines. I can send these book rate.

please send a bubble mailer with your postage. I will contact you with the amt of postage that you need to send. If you get the magazines, no bubble maier is needed. I will put seeds in with the magazines.

I am trying to start my trade list off fresh for next year. I plan to concentrate on my own saved open pollinated (not hybrid) vegetable seeds. If I get a decent harvest this year, you will start to see veggie seeds saved by me later this year, on my trade list. If you are interested in that sort of thing you may want to bookmark my trade list. I am going to start to bookmark other's trade lists, if I find them interesting. I think if kept in a folder called trade lists, it will keep the bookmarks tidy.


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