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Asian Pear and Hybrid Pear Pollinization

10 years ago

I've only got room for two pear trees in my home orchard. I'm looking to add some pears next payday, but I am having difficulty locating information about the bloom times of different fireblight resistant oriental hybrids varieties like Pineapple or Moonglow or Fan-Still as they compare to the Asian 'Apple' Pears.

I'm interested in having a Shinko Asian Pear, which is rumored to be the most fireblight resistant of the Asian Apple Pears. I want to locate a strongly-resistant Oriental Hybrid variety, like a Fan-Still, Orient, Moonglow, Keiffer, Pineapple, etc., that will cross-pollinate with an appropriate bloom-time.

(I understand Seckley and Ubileen will do the job, but the Ubileen fruits do not keep well enough for me to want to deal with a mature tree full of fruit, and the Seckleys are still prone to fireblight around here, according to the Local Agricultural Extension! I'm not looking to take chances with my orchard!)

Thanks for your advice.

(Might I suggest people with lots of pear pollination knowledge put together some sort of chart that combines all the different kinds of pears? Often the European and Apple Pears are kept separate, and Orient Hybrids are rarely included in the lists. A quick search of the forums indicates my question is not an uncommon one!)

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