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Help, I'm lost and so confused

13 years ago

Okay, so this is my fourth year at gardening. I just put up about 10 raised beds that are about 4x8 and am finding myself with open spots as other things mature and I pull them out.

I know it is like kindergarten information to most, but I guess my ADD is getting the best of me and I need to place other plants in these spots but get confused as to when and what to plant next. Having the raised beds for the first time in the four years isn't making it easier for some reason.

I live in Hollister, CA. where we are described as inland coastal I suppose, zone 14 Sunset? I sure wish I could find a chart that said okay, now, boys and girls, it's June 1 and we all plant...insert appropriate veggie here.

The weather this year has been out of control strange. We have things like rain and hail, thunderstorms and 45 degree temps long after we are supposed MONTHS after. So that's confusing too. Nothing like the devastation in the rest of the country I know, but it's still enough to make a relative beginner want to give up. I have a family of six and was hoping to have something to give them but I have to keep replanting things and pulling things out, etc.

I suppose I just needed to vent. I've been reading these forums for months now. I love doing this---gardening, planting, helping things along. I've ripped out hedges and replaced them with blueberry bushes, I've planted fruit trees in the lawn. I have six egg laying ducks and a chicken that lays eggs that are the smallest I've seen but I still love it. And I live in the suburbs, by the way.

It's the vegetable part I can't seem to get a handle on. How can I figure it out if the weather won't do anything cooperative?

If you got this far, thanks!


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