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Cross Pollinator for my Anna Apple

Okay, open for some opinions on a cross-pollinator for my little espaliered Anna, which is not producing enough apples. First, it's not in the best place, too much shade. I hate to try to transplant it at this late date (think it's been in this spot for at least 4 or 5 years), so I'm going to try a cross pollinator planted on that side of the yard. I need something on dwarfing rootstock, since I don't have room for a standard. That's the first requirement. Secondly, trying to pick something I will like. I'm not a fan of tart apples. Fuji's are my "go to" grocery store apple to give you an idea how sweet I like my apples :-) I LOVE the Anna's, they are sweet and spicy, very unusual flavor and extremely good. So, I was looking at the common cross-pollinators, Dorsett Golden and Einshemer. But I think these are pretty tart. Pink Lady was suggested, anyone have an opinion on this variety? And I'm trying to decide between M-111 and EZ-Pick rootstock. Don't think M-111 is going to give me a small enough tree. EZ-Pick sounds interesting and if I can find an area to espalier this tree, I'm thinking this might be favorable to espaliering (is that a word??) Any opinions would be awesome. I'm probably going to walk away with a 3 or 4-in-one grafted tree too, if it has varieties I link. I'm driving down to Bonita Creek Nursery in Bonita, Calif this Saturday to pick something up, so hopefully I can make a good decision, today!! Will be picking up a Royal Lee and a Minnie Royal on Colt as well, yummy, cherries in S. California on the coast!! Who'd a thought!!

Patty S.

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