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How do I keep foxes out of my garden?

15 years ago

I'd rather not fence the whole thing - it's rather large. I do have a 28" high rabbit fence around the "non-pumpkin" end which the foxes can either jump or sneak under. So far, they have dug holes in the greens patch, eaten a spinach plant, dug up a few peanuts, and left kestrel parts all over the pumpkin patch. I said OK, not too much damage, and the foxes are cool to watch... Then a few days ago, they started pooping in my garden! (Actually all over the back yard, but I don't care so much about the rest of it.) Then, last night, they pulled out several of the "pins" (half a coathanger) holding down the black garden fabric in the pumpkin patch. I know it was them because they leave muddy foot prints all over the black fabric.

I like the foxes, but I really don't want to eat food that might have been exposed to foxes, as they can carry rabies. ("Mine" look healthy, but you might not know if it was in the early stages...)

Any ideas on how to keep them out of the garden?



NY z6

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