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6 Random Raspberry/blackberry questions!

Anthony Nguyen
12 years ago

So I've spent quite a while scouring google and watching youtube video's of people pruning raspberries and blackberries. I think I have a really good handle but still have some questions. If anyone could answer partial/some of these questions I'd really appreciate it. I know my questions are pretty random so if you have feed back for only 1 question please don't hesitate to only address that 1 question in this post :)

1. Blackberries: They recommend cutting 4" off the tip of a Primocane when they reach 3 feet tall to encourage lateral shoot growth. If I do this, will the primocane still continue to grow taller. I'd like to have the top of my V trellis be at 5 feet and attach the primocane to it at 5 feet.

2. Everbearing raspberries: If i desire the fall fruit from Primocanes, do I still cut 4" off the Primocane tips when they reach 3 feet tall in the summer as I would with Blackberries to encourage lateral shoot growth? Or would this cut off something on the tip that turns into flowers/fruit in the fall.

3. Blackberry/Raspberry: When do you cut off your post fruited floricanes? Most university sites generally say during the dormant season but not specifically in beginning or end. Some say to cut them off right away in late summer so that the Primocanes can get good sunlight. A Maine edu extension said to keep the floricanes until late winter/early spring because as the old canes are dying, they are sending nutrients and carbohydrates down to the root system. When do you guys cut off spent floricanes?

4. Raspberries: I live in Austin where summer time gets to 95-100 and stays that temperature until nightfall it seems. Would it be best in the midst of summer to erect a screen above the plants and slightly to the side so that the sun would go through it for half of the day? I understand raspberries are full sun plants but at the same time, can they withstand Central Texas summers without shade? Texas A&M says they will not do well here.

5. I'm planning on doing a 30' row going NE to SW. My house will block some of the sunlight in the SW part of the row. NE end will receive sun from 10 hours of direct sunlight. SW end will receive 6 hours of direct sunlight. I plan on doing Red Raspberries(heritage, boyne, caroline, prelude), Yellow Raspberries (anne), and Black berries(brazos, apache, triple crown). What order should I plant these, starting from most sun. I'm thinking Red raspberries to yellow to black berries with triple crown being at the end.

6. Someone in another forum had talked about putting metal sheeting/roof flashing in the ground. I'd like to put them between my raspberry varieties so that they don't grow into each other and I wouldn't know what variety I'm eating. Is this safe? Wouldn't the metal rust in the ground and leach bad stuff into the plant through the roots?

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